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Sacred Spot Ritual 

2-3 hours | 290€

The sacred spot ritual is an ancient healing modality based on ancient tantric philosophy which helps release past energetic and psychological residue. This energetic and psychological residue can affect how we show up in the world because it is linked to our root chakra. Our root chakra energy gives us the power to be confident in the world and how we stand in our truth. It is a profound and transformative sexual healing ritual that helps you honour and reclaim the sacred spot and supports you in opening up to deeper more ecstatic orgasmic experience.​

 When we experience physical or emotional trauma in regards to our sexuality or speaking our truth, inner armour can build. This armour builds especially when these blockages and traumas are not fully felt or moved out of the body. Such armour can present itself as loss of sensation, muscle tension or a numb, dry, tender area. It can greatly affect our ability to experience orgasm, feel connection to our genitals, as well as speak our truth and our overall confidence. It can hinder our creativity, self-expression and ability to connect with our intimate partners and our inner power.


For male bodies the sacred spot is near the prostate and is accessed through the anus.

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