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Lingam Massage & De-armouring

2-3 hours | 290€

A man of power is a man who is in control of his desires and sexuality.

The word lingam is derived from the sanskrit language and is used to describe the male genital/penis. In its most holy meaning, lingam is translated as pillar or wand of light. When a person with a lingam encounters trauma or sexual shame this experience is not only energetically stored in the lingam and genital area but also disconnects him from the lingam's sacredness and power.

The benefits of a lingam massage / de- armouring is to help one get rid of physical and energetic blockages. These blockages often create numbness, disconnection and can make one extremely tight in the body which is also linked to pre-mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions. 


Lingam massage / de-armouring is a mix of somatic and energetic work that focuses on the entire genital area as well as the heart centre. It supports the release of stored shame and trauma. As a result a man will become more deeply connected to his centre of power and life force leaving him more energized, relaxed and in tune with his body.

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