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I am so grateful for my experience with Ketesi! She created a sacred and safe container for me to explore my past traumas and work on releasing them through the de-armouring practice. Her energy is very calming and kind. I appreciated how open and vulnerable I could be with her before we dropped into breathwork, a massage, and then the de-armouring session. I would highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to gain more presence, more sensation, and more connection with yourself!


The treatment with Ketesi was amazing. My oura ring thought I was sleeping based on physiological data. However, my emotional body was definitely awake. It was deeply healing. That night I slept for 9 hours (I was having insomnia since Saturday leading up until the treatment). The following day my body was so vibrant. I felt really fit and grounded and nourished, maybe like never before. I wonder if I can continue to feel like that? I learned something profound. It doesn't matter if someone didn't love me. Everything is a gift and I should be evolving. I don't feel the potency I felt yesterday. But I just need to continue practicing. I will also do pleasure as prayer tonight. I haven't been doing that at all and it didn't resonate with me in the past.

But with the treatment, I had a new experience that open my mind up to new possibilities. Again, thank you so much.


I have received multiple sessions with Ketesi and never before have I experienced the sense of safety I feel in Ketesi's presence. She has been gifted with one of the most empathetic feminine hearts that I have come to know. She is a true goddess and witch, an intuitive master who in the past 6 months has been able to channel the messages I most needed to hear and learn. Despite my heart being super closed when we first began working together, Ketesi has been able to help facilitate the opening process in such a profound way. I have never felt so open hearted! Thank you Ketesi.


To be honest there aren't enough words to describe the experience I had with Ketesi. I had no idea what she was up to yet I can feel reconnected to my heart and intuition in such a profound way. My entire outlook on life has been changed. I am deeply grateful to be able to live much more in touch with my true purpose. Thank you for your kind and wise guidance.


I came across her temple night by accident, however it's been one of the most profound experiences in my life that completely changed my perception about reality in many empowering ways. Especially after when I got so many great reflections from Ketesi, in her mirror you'll see the greatness within. Her loving guidance and Goddess like space holding truly create a space of safety and expansion. 

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