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Tantric Journey Into Intimacy

2-4 hours | 333€ to 555€

Has the intimate connection between you and your partner diminished or disappeared altogether? Have your busy or stressful lives only created more distance between you both?

It is my experience as a sexuality and intimacy coach that the vast majority of couples who struggle with connection are simply lacking the tools and practices needed to help create deeper intimacy. 

Specifically tailored for couples who are seeking to deepen or rekindle their intimate connection, the Tantric Journey Into Intimacy helps couples connect deeper in neutral, safe space. With the help of ancient tantric rituals such as eye gazing, breath practices and slow-touch exercises I will support you in opening deeper into the layers of true intimacy.

Tantric Journey - 2-3 hours: 333€

Tantric Journey for men + Lingam Massage - 3-4 hours: 555€

Tantric Journey for woman + Yoni Massage - 3-4 hours: 555€

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