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"I am loving awareness"

- Ram Dass

Love, presence and compassion

are the three main words I go by when it comes to my clients and sessions. I think those are the three biggest things a person needs in order to feel safe and to have the space to heal and meet themselves. 

I am a tantric therapist who has been trained in the modalities of: the art of feminine touch, lingam, yoni and breast massage, tantric body to body massage and healing training, lomi-lomi massage, energetic and body de-armouring, trauma informed, trauma release and biodynamic breathwork, plant medicine healing as well as reiki.

One of my biggest passions are the human body, psyche and soul. I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they are met with love, compassion and finally feel truly seen. When we carry past traumas in our body and soul, our being becomes psychically exhausted and ill. I am extremely passionate about supporting others in releasing these traumas and witnessing their bodies fill with happiness and lightness which they have not experienced in a long time.


After years of battling with depression, addiction and being suicidal, I have truly understood what it means and feels like to be disconnected from my heart, body and soul. My spiritual journey has taught me that it's possible to find your way back from the darkness and that we don't need to fight our battles alone. And how important it is to work with the body to release all those energys and traumas.


“We’re all just walking each other home.”

- Ram Dass


For me, this sentiment represents the most pure act of love we can do for one another. To make one feel seen and not alone anymore is something that every soul truly needs and desires. I feel like my whole life’s journey has led me to this point, a place where I can offer my support and healing to those who have lost their light and their path.

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