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Hello, my name is Maria, also known as Ketesi. My journey into the world of sexual alchemy and intimacy coaching began with personal transformation and has evolved into a profound calling to guide others. My intention as a priestess is to create a temple space of unconditional love, support and healing; a refuge where you can come as you are. 

My path towards awakening began at the age of 20 when I found the courage to leave behind an abusive relationship and embrace self-discovery. This quest led me unexpectedly to a lingam massage course, opening the door to the world of tantra, sexuality, and energy work. These experiences not only transformed my personal life but set the stage for my professional calling.

Initiated as a Priestess of Isis in sexual alchemy, I am deeply versed in the sacred arts of intimacy. I am an experienced sexuality and intimacy coach, tantric bodywork practitioner and shadow-work therapist. My approach is trauma-informed with a deep understanding of the human psyche and energy dynamics.


Life has been full of movement and transformation. I have experienced its power to both destroy and heal. I have journeyed from feeling lost and burdened to finding peace and aliveness. My approach is therefore about allowing healing to flow through and returning to wholeness.


My embrace of tantra and intimacy arts has helped me overcome drug abuse, depression and move through the aftermath of sexual abuse. Now, with years of study and practice, I offer these tools and insights to you, to help you create a life filled with magic and fulfilment.

In the spirit of this journey, I invite you to explore the path of transformation. May we walk this path of healing and discovery together.

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