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Full-body De-armouring

60-90 minutes | 190€

Body de-armouring sessions focus on supporting clients in releasing stagnant energies or stuck traumas. We often store emotions and traumas in our body without even realizing it. Over time, these stuck or stored energies can create what's called energetic armour. These stored energies slowly deprive us of experiencing life to its fullest. Their weight disconnects us from our hearts leaving us feeling empty, exhausted and aimless.


By using a wide range of elements from tantric/energetic techniques, somatic bodywork, massage and external de-armouring we can begin to de-armour our armour. As a result one may experience more space for a deeper connection to ones heart, peace and fulfillment. Each session is structured according to what is most energetically active or alive in the client at the time of the session.

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