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Yoni De-armoring / Mapping

The word yoni is derived from the sanskrit language and is used to describe the female genitals. In its most holy meaning, yoni is translated as source of life. When a person with a yoni encounters trauma or sexual shame/abuse these experiences stay deep in the tissues of the yoni and womb as well as in the woman's energetic field. This can result in complete disconnection from the woman's womb and yoni which are the source of her creative and life-force energy.

The benefits of a yoni de-armoring is to help one get rid of physical and energetic blockages. These blockages can often create pain during intercourse and during the period cycle, numbness, dryness, disconnection from oneself, her yoni and pleasure/orgasms. It is  a profound and transformative sexual healing ritual that awakens your whole body, and allows you to experience more ecstatic orgasmic pleasure by leaving more space for you to tap into endless, spontaneous flow of creative and life force energy. 

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